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Bio: I am a Baltimore (Highlandtown) born and bred sports fan (Orioles and Ravens), who after years of talking sports at home, work and elsewhere decided to try my hand at writing. I attempted to become a contributing columnist for a local sports website and that went no where. I also submitted a sample piece to another site and that went no where as well. I am pleased, however, that I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new. I was fortunate enough to become a contributing writer for @BabyBirdland (the only site to give me a shot) in September 2016. Promoter of #WearOrangeWednesdays. My earliest sports memory is listening to the '69 World Series in my grandfather's basement. Oh how I hated Ron Swoboda. Super Bowl V, the morning after the Baltimore Colts moved, the 1970 & 1983 World Series and 2130/2131 will be forever ingrained in my sports DNA. My former baseball life involved coaching, umpiring and administrating in youth baseball leagues. My current baseball life involves following the minor leagues and just being a fan of both MiLB and MLB. It is my hope that you like what you read, that you come back frequently and that you follow me.

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