Saying Goodbye To The Winter Meetings

MLB’s 2016 Winter Meetings, held at Gaylord National Resort in Oxon Hill, MD, concluded on Thursday.  The theme for Orioles fans should have been “move along fans, there’s nothing to see here” as in keeping with his history, Dan Duquette did not make a big splash.  As expected, he did obtain 2 Rule-5 players on Thursday.  I predicted it on Sunday:


Despite the warning and knowing better some Orioles fans hung on every word, rumor and report coming out of Gaylord National.  There was angst on social media as each signing and trade was announced.  We did find out that our offer to Mark Trumbo was lower than he wanted, was for a year less than he wanted and was not including a full no-trade clause.  We also found out the market was more robust than we expected as well as the prices were higher than we thought.  Haven’t we heard this before?

It was tiring and I’m glad it’s over.

We did select two players in the Rule-5 Draft however. OF Anthony Santander was selected from the Indians and OF Aneury Tavarez was selected from the RedSox.  You can find coverage of the signings on Baby Birdland HERE and HERE (sorry for the shameless plug).

What caused the most reaction was Dan Duquette’s admission that he told the agent for Jose Bautista that the Orioles couldn’t sign him because the fans of the Orioles didn’t like him.  No one ever suggested that we sign Bautista but there certainly were those who were upset that he said it.

I do have some insight into how the call to Peter Angelos asking for the okay to sign him went.

PA: Hello

DD: Hello. Mr Angelos.  Sir it’s no secret that our attendance was down last year and that we were ridiculed by the media here and nationally over it.

PA: and your point?

DD: I have a way to fix it.

PA: go ahead

DD: we can sign Jose Bautista

PA: how will that help, the fans don’t like him

DD: I know and that’s the beauty of this, they will flock to OPACY just to boo him and say bad things to him

PA: the boos will be heard on radio and TV, we’ll look bad and sound bad

DD: there is the beauty, we get him some sort of “partnership” with Boog’s Bar B Que and have Boog’s signage behind homeplate every time he comes to bat..we can say that this at bat is brought to you by Boog’s Bar B Que and that the fans are chanting “Boog”…we can tie in to his Twitter handle and say every time Joey Bats you crave a Boog’s sandwich…if the TV cameras show any empty seats our radio and TV partners can say the fans sure do love their Boog’s that they must be in line for it

PA: Dan

DD: we can have former President Jimmy Carter attend Opening Day and recreate the Middle East peace hand shake by having both Adam Jones and Darren O’Day shake hands with Jose Bautista…we can have a bat giveaway and sunglasses giveaway when Texas comes to town and a handshake bobblehead set..

PA: Dan

DD: but we’d be on MLB Network and ESPN everynight with a Bautista Boo-meter..

PA: Dan

DD: yes sir

PA: the budget

DD: oh yeah, I spent all the money last year signing Chris Davis, I’ll just tell them the fans don’t like him I’m sure they’ve heard that before from other teams…time for me to get ready for the Rule-5 draft

PA: goodbye Dan

DD: goodbye Mr Angelos

Finally, once the Yankees signed Aroldis Chapman there were some who called for the Orioles to trade Zach Britton…crazy talk.  I’m glad we can get back to normal now that the Winter Meetings are over.  The Orioles will sign someone at the end of the year/beginning of the New Year or later; it’s what we do.  Stay calm O’s fans.



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