The Orioles Missed The Boat On This One



Throughout the 2016 baseball season much was said and written about the attendance, or lack thereof, at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.  I am not here to rehash the critcism of O’s fans, the theorized reasons for the drop in attendance or how to possibly fix the “problem”.  I penned my thoughts on what the O’s could do to attract fans HERE.

Thanksgiving has come and gone as well as #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday.  If you’re not living under a rock you are aware that both #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday are uber-shopping days that feature discounts, deals and bargains.

The Orioles missed a golden opportunity to connect with the fans and increase attendance by selling ticket package deals; they did NOTHING.

The Orioles’ MInor League Affiliates get it; they offered deals.  I know, marketing is paramount and necessary in the Minor Leagues, but would it have hurt the O’s to do SOMETHING?!  You can’t just keep selling full-season, 29-game and 13-game plans and think everything will be good; think outside of the box, please.

Here is a sampling of what could have been had over the past weekend:

Delmarva Shorebirds: an upper-reserved ticket to 4 games for $15 ($32 value)

Frederick Keys: 2 club tickets & a Christmas ornament $75 or flex-packs for $95

Bowie Baysox: 16 undated box seats, Manny Machado bobblehead & gift $160

Norfolk Tides: $56 in “baseball bucks”, a hat & $10 Chili’s gift card $75 ($86 value)

Even the Washington Nationals offered a 4-pack of tickets to select games at a 50% discount from 6am-12noon and the same pack at a 30% discount from 12noon-12midnight.  Why couldn’t the Orioles do something similar?  They could have offered a 4-pack with one of the games guaranteed to be a give-away game.  Do they not value the fans?  Some sort of deal would have gone a long way I believe in getting fans into the seats.

I am not a marketing major by any stretch of the imagination and I have no doubt there are smarter people in the Warehouse than me but this just seems like common sense.

Orioles, you missed the boat on this one!


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