2016 ALDS Prediction


This afternoon in Texas (4:30 pm ET) the American League Division Series will begin with the Texas Rangers hosting the Toronto Blue Jays.  This is a rematch of last year’s ALDS which featured the infamous Jose Bautista “bat flip” in the 7th inning of game 5.  There is no lack of bad blood between these two teams as evidenced by the dust up in the Rogers Centre in game 5 of the ALDS last year which included bottles being thrown onto the field (see a pattern here?) and the Rougned Odor/Jose Bautista fight in May of this season in Texas.

This series is being called “the Grudge Match” by many in the national media and was cited by some as the reason they wanted Toronto to beat the Orioles in the Wild Card game.

That’s enough for the history; now onto the prediction.

Toronto is a team that plays with its emotions on its sleeves and I see that continuing.  The crowd in the Rogers Centre is a rowdy one and I think the two (team/crowd) feed off of each other; this series will be no exception.  Sadly, I see an ugly incident occurring in this series.  The Blue Jays will bully the Rangers if need be.  There will be chirping and who knows what else.

In the end I see:

Toronto Blue Jays over Texas Rangers in 5 games  ✔️


In the other ALDS series starting tonight (8:00 pm ET) the Cleveland Indians host the Boston Red Sox.  This series pits the Red Sox potent lineup against an injury depleted Indian’s rotation.  Boston is also riding the emotion of the David Ortiz Retirement Tour.  The record shows Boston ended the regular season 5-5 but they seem to explode offensively at will so I see them ending the Indians’ season.

Boston Red Sox over Cleveland Indians in 4 games  ❌


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