For entertainment purposes only: My World Series predictions

If you’ve been following my predictions for the MLB Postseason wou are aware that I was on a bit of a “roll” until the LCS round.  My picks of the Cubs and Blue Jays were both wrong.  I missed on the Cubs bigtime as they were swept by the Mets and on the Blue Jays as they never seemed to be the same team after the chaos in game 5 against Texas.

As an Orioles fan did I really lose by being wrong on the Blue Jays?  I couldn’t think of a “nicer” team or fan base to be eliminated from the playoffs, but I digress.

In so far as the 2015 World Series is concerned, it is my opinion that the New York Mets will prevail in seven games.  Daniel Murphy is one of the hottest players on the planet right now and like a hockey team riding a hot goalie during the Stanley Cup the Mets will follow his lead offensively. The hard throwing trio of Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard will be too much for the “never say die” Royals.  I also think that Jeurys Familia is every bit the closer that Wade Davis is.  It will no doubt be a fun and exciting series to watch.

World Series:  New York Mets win in seven games over the Royals  ❌

The Royals took the Series in 5 games. 



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