The Ravens 2015 season: “nevermore”

The Baltimore Ravens traveled to Santa Clara, CA, the site of Super Bowl 50, to face the San Francisco 49ers today.  San Francisco came away with a 25-20 win dropping the Ravens to 1-5 on the 2015 season.  Losing is ugly and this loss was ugly, it had a face that not even a mother could love.

1-5, the worst record ever in this franchise’s history.  It will take going 7-3 the rest of the way just to get to .500.  I don’t think anyone wearing the most purple of glasses can see that happening.  Fans, it is bad and I don’t see it getting much better.

Where would we have been today without Steve Smith, Sr?  Frankly, he played his butt off and was the sole reason the game score was close.  The rest of the receiving corps was only seen on milk cartons most of the game.   At times today this team looked like they were more interested in a tour of the Napa Valley than playing winning football.

The first half took a dive with Torrey Smith’s 76 yard TD reception which was followed by a 49er interception on the Ravens’ next possession resulting in a field goal.  10 points right there and the Ravens only response was a Justin Tucker 36 yard field goal.

The second half was no better, the Ravens took their first time out of the half 43 seconds into the half.  Their opening drive resulted in an interception and 46 yard return.  We did answer a 49ers’ field goal with Steve Smith, Sr’s 34 yard TD.

Quarter 4 has Justin Tucker slipping on a 45 yard field goal miss and the Ravens losing their second timeout on a failed challenge of an Anquan Boldin 51 yard reception.  The lone bright spot was an 80 yard drive by the Ravens which was punctuated by a 2 yard TD pass to Kamar Aiken (although it appeared he was not the intended receiver).

The game ended on a failed Hail Mary pass by Joe Flacco.

Fans, raise your hands if you’ve seen this before: poor clock management, lack of urgency especially in the 2 minute offense, lack of fire and inexplicable use/loss of time-outs.

I think it’s time to look at the depth chart and see what some other players can do.  The 2015 season is shot and it’s time to look towards 2016.

Oh, and we travel to Glendale to play a certainly angry Arizona Cardinals team that lost in Pittsburgh today.

The 2015 season is nevermore!


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