For entertainment purposes only: My ALCS & NLCS predictions

We are down to the MLB “Final Four”.  Tonight the Blue Jays travel to Kansas City to begin the ALCS and tomorrow the NLDS will begin with the Cubs taking on the Mets in New York.  Tonight’s matchup begins a series that any Orioles fan will have difficulty finding a rooting interest as each team has become a “thorn in our side”.  For older fans of our Birds there may even be some hard feelings towards the team from Gotham in the NL (on this date in ’69 the Mets won the World Series over Baltimore).

Fandom aside, here are my picks:

ALCS: Toronto over Kansas City in 6 games  ❌

My feeling is that the offensive (and you can take that word to mean what you like) firepower of the Blue Jays will neutralize Wade Davis’ effectiveness.  The Jays line-up can explode at any time putting games out of reach.
The Royals win 4 games to 2 to reach the World Series for the second consecutive year. 

NLCS: Cubs over the New York Mets in 7 games  ❌

I still believe in the young, dynamic line-up the Cubs have and I think that line-up will prevail.  In a seven game series the hitters familiarize themselves with the pitchers rendering some less effective.  An interesting sidelight will be watching Scott Boras’ face if he attends the series; sneering “I told you so” to the Cubs for Kris Bryant and scolding “save his arm” to the Mets when Matt Harvey is on the mound.

The Mets swept the Cubs 4 games to none. 

  I do believe that with a little more pitching we will see the Cubs in the playoffs for a few years to come.  




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