The 2015 Orioles season has come to an end


The curtain came down on the 2015 Orioles season this past Sunday.  The Orioles won 9-4 over the Yankees to finish the season at .500.  It marked the fourth straight year that the team has finished .500 or better.  Chris Davis hit his 46th and 47th home runs of the season as the team swept the Yankees all while making life difficult for the New Yorkers in their quest for home field advantage in the winner take all one game Wild-Card playoff.

It’s no secret that this season was disappointing for the fans and the team.  Last season’s Playoff run had all of us hoping and expecting more.  The Orioles fell short in a season that can be described at best as inconsistent.  We had good streaks and bad ones as well (the four August losses to the Twins stands out in my mind) and just not enough times where we had good pitching coupled with good hitting.

The end of the World Series will mark the beginning of a very uncertain off-season.  Many questions need to be answered, players need to be re-signed and free agents need to be pursued.  No matter what, the team will have to spend money but that money must be spent wisely.  I am certain that much will be debated and argued about over what should be done and what needs to be done; one thing is certain, Orioles fans are as passionate as any and they debate because they care.

Let me say this, it all beats the years of losing!

The Orioles are our team and will always be our team; let’s take a deep breath, enjoy the Postseason (because it’s baseball) and then see where the off-season takes us.  There will be more than enough time to discuss what the Front Office does.


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