A Thank You Letter to the Baltimore Media

The 2015 Orioles season afforded me the opportunity to assist Nancy O’Neil Cook in her efforts to promote Wear Orange Wednesdays.  I tried to handle the Twitter side for Nancy and I am certain some of you saw my many tweets each week.  The main focus of my effort was aimed at the morning Baltimore media in the hopes of starting each Wednesday off “ORANGE“.  I interacted with some of you, reminded some of you and even annoyed some of you; all in the hope of spreading our love for the Orioles and painting the town #ORANGE.

To the morning media personalities at ABC2, FOX45,  WBAL and WJZ and to the MASN personalities I would like to say Thank You!  You allowed me to reach out to you each week and were friendly and patient with me.  All of you wore your #ORANGE in support of the Orioles and that is greatly appreciated.  Each of you, in your own way, has helped to grow Wear Orange Wednesdays.  Your influence and reach over Baltimore is great and #WOW would not be where it is without your assistance.

At the risk of omitting someone I will not attempt to name everyone who wore orange hopefully upon my suggestion but will say that you all have the heartfelt gratitude of both Nancy and myself.  It is our hope to see all of you in #ORANGE again next season.  Thank you again!


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