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For entertainment purposes only: My World Series predictions

If you’ve been following my predictions for the MLB Postseason wou are aware that I was on a bit of a “roll” until the LCS round.  My picks of the Cubs and Blue Jays were both wrong.  I missed on the Cubs bigtime as they were swept by the Mets and on the Blue Jays as they never seemed to be the same team after the chaos in game 5 against Texas.

As an Orioles fan did I really lose by being wrong on the Blue Jays?  I couldn’t think of a “nicer” team or fan base to be eliminated from the playoffs, but I digress.

In so far as the 2015 World Series is concerned, it is my opinion that the New York Mets will prevail in seven games.  Daniel Murphy is one of the hottest players on the planet right now and like a hockey team riding a hot goalie during the Stanley Cup the Mets will follow his lead offensively. The hard throwing trio of Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard will be too much for the “never say die” Royals.  I also think that Jeurys Familia is every bit the closer that Wade Davis is.  It will no doubt be a fun and exciting series to watch.

World Series:  New York Mets win in seven games over the Royals  ❌

The Royals took the Series in 5 games. 



The Ravens 2015 season: “nevermore”

The Baltimore Ravens traveled to Santa Clara, CA, the site of Super Bowl 50, to face the San Francisco 49ers today.  San Francisco came away with a 25-20 win dropping the Ravens to 1-5 on the 2015 season.  Losing is ugly and this loss was ugly, it had a face that not even a mother could love.

1-5, the worst record ever in this franchise’s history.  It will take going 7-3 the rest of the way just to get to .500.  I don’t think anyone wearing the most purple of glasses can see that happening.  Fans, it is bad and I don’t see it getting much better.

Where would we have been today without Steve Smith, Sr?  Frankly, he played his butt off and was the sole reason the game score was close.  The rest of the receiving corps was only seen on milk cartons most of the game.   At times today this team looked like they were more interested in a tour of the Napa Valley than playing winning football.

The first half took a dive with Torrey Smith’s 76 yard TD reception which was followed by a 49er interception on the Ravens’ next possession resulting in a field goal.  10 points right there and the Ravens only response was a Justin Tucker 36 yard field goal.

The second half was no better, the Ravens took their first time out of the half 43 seconds into the half.  Their opening drive resulted in an interception and 46 yard return.  We did answer a 49ers’ field goal with Steve Smith, Sr’s 34 yard TD.

Quarter 4 has Justin Tucker slipping on a 45 yard field goal miss and the Ravens losing their second timeout on a failed challenge of an Anquan Boldin 51 yard reception.  The lone bright spot was an 80 yard drive by the Ravens which was punctuated by a 2 yard TD pass to Kamar Aiken (although it appeared he was not the intended receiver).

The game ended on a failed Hail Mary pass by Joe Flacco.

Fans, raise your hands if you’ve seen this before: poor clock management, lack of urgency especially in the 2 minute offense, lack of fire and inexplicable use/loss of time-outs.

I think it’s time to look at the depth chart and see what some other players can do.  The 2015 season is shot and it’s time to look towards 2016.

Oh, and we travel to Glendale to play a certainly angry Arizona Cardinals team that lost in Pittsburgh today.

The 2015 season is nevermore!

For entertainment purposes only: My ALCS & NLCS predictions

We are down to the MLB “Final Four”.  Tonight the Blue Jays travel to Kansas City to begin the ALCS and tomorrow the NLDS will begin with the Cubs taking on the Mets in New York.  Tonight’s matchup begins a series that any Orioles fan will have difficulty finding a rooting interest as each team has become a “thorn in our side”.  For older fans of our Birds there may even be some hard feelings towards the team from Gotham in the NL (on this date in ’69 the Mets won the World Series over Baltimore).

Fandom aside, here are my picks:

ALCS: Toronto over Kansas City in 6 games  ❌

My feeling is that the offensive (and you can take that word to mean what you like) firepower of the Blue Jays will neutralize Wade Davis’ effectiveness.  The Jays line-up can explode at any time putting games out of reach.
The Royals win 4 games to 2 to reach the World Series for the second consecutive year. 

NLCS: Cubs over the New York Mets in 7 games  ❌

I still believe in the young, dynamic line-up the Cubs have and I think that line-up will prevail.  In a seven game series the hitters familiarize themselves with the pitchers rendering some less effective.  An interesting sidelight will be watching Scott Boras’ face if he attends the series; sneering “I told you so” to the Cubs for Kris Bryant and scolding “save his arm” to the Mets when Matt Harvey is on the mound.

The Mets swept the Cubs 4 games to none. 

  I do believe that with a little more pitching we will see the Cubs in the playoffs for a few years to come.  



For entertainment purposes only: My ALDS & NLDS predictions

I briefly thought about quitting while I was ahead and since I was kicked out of my NFL Survivor Pool in week three I probably should have.  You know what they say about opinions and what they are likened to, so without further ado, here goes:

Toronto over Texas  ✔️

It’s been that kind of year for the Blue Jays and sadly I think it continues.

Toronto won 3 games to 2

Kansas City over Houston  ✔️

Kansas City’s team speed and bullpen prove too much for the Astros to overcome especially in light of the Astros’ road record this season (the Yankees win notwithstanding).

Kansas City won 3 games to 2

New York Mets over Los Angeles  ✔️

Assuming Matt Harvey doesn’t get stuck in traffic I think the Mets big three will prevail in a short series.  Cespedes has sparked that team and Kershaw doesn’t seem to be as dominant in the post-season as he is in the regular season.

Mets won 3 games to 2

Chicago Cubs over St. Louis  ✔️

Some might call this an “upset special” but I think the young offense of the Cubs will prevail and there is a pitcher named    Arrieta.

Cubs clinched in Wrigley for the first time in their storied history and won 3 games to 1. 



For entertainment purposes only: My Wild Card predictions

Just for fun (and if you saw my NFL picks, you’d understand), here are my Predictions for the Wild Card games.

Astros over the Yankees  ✔️

I think Dallas Keuchel will have his way with the Yankees bats, especially with what I saw in Baltimore this past weekend

Houston won 3-0

Cubs over the Pirates  ✔️

Jake Arrieta has been lights out and I don’t see that changing on Wednesday even in Pittsburgh

Chicago won 4-0


The 2015 Orioles season has come to an end


The curtain came down on the 2015 Orioles season this past Sunday.  The Orioles won 9-4 over the Yankees to finish the season at .500.  It marked the fourth straight year that the team has finished .500 or better.  Chris Davis hit his 46th and 47th home runs of the season as the team swept the Yankees all while making life difficult for the New Yorkers in their quest for home field advantage in the winner take all one game Wild-Card playoff.

It’s no secret that this season was disappointing for the fans and the team.  Last season’s Playoff run had all of us hoping and expecting more.  The Orioles fell short in a season that can be described at best as inconsistent.  We had good streaks and bad ones as well (the four August losses to the Twins stands out in my mind) and just not enough times where we had good pitching coupled with good hitting.

The end of the World Series will mark the beginning of a very uncertain off-season.  Many questions need to be answered, players need to be re-signed and free agents need to be pursued.  No matter what, the team will have to spend money but that money must be spent wisely.  I am certain that much will be debated and argued about over what should be done and what needs to be done; one thing is certain, Orioles fans are as passionate as any and they debate because they care.

Let me say this, it all beats the years of losing!

The Orioles are our team and will always be our team; let’s take a deep breath, enjoy the Postseason (because it’s baseball) and then see where the off-season takes us.  There will be more than enough time to discuss what the Front Office does.

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